About Us

Proprietors Andy & Michelle Coppock previously owned Gold Country Bistro in Coulterville, California - a gold rush town heading into Yosemite National Park. The restaurant was known for great food, a warm, fun environment, and a team of passionate people giving back to the community. The Bistro recently moved to another location in Don Pedro on Merced Falls Rd, THE MINESHAFT, and is currently being renovated.


The Pirate Cove Restaurant on Lake Don Pedro was an unexpected and exciting opportunity that  presented itself in the spring of 2020. We are deeply grateful to Suntex Corp and the Don Pedro Recreation Agency for welcoming us into the area with open arms and incredible support.

We have developed a menu for Pirate Cove we are proud of  - comprised of  not only requests from loyal customers, but of food we love from our own travels and memories. We put together a fantastic team to work together here and a growing list of fun events to share with both locals and visitors to our area!


We look forward to being a part of the memories you make here while spending time at our beautiful lake!

Andy, Michelle, and The Pirate Cove Team

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